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LJ of a Crazy White Guy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

12:37AM - Downer Day

Today I love a friend and loved one. A close a friend as I ever had in this family. My uncle passed after a long, agonizing decline. Though I was never as close as this one, another lay in rather dire condition at a nearby hospital and not looking good.
Tonight I tried to alter my privacy settings to friends only but I'm too tired and intoxicated to figure it out. Maybe tomorrow. I intend to one day copy this all down on paper for my own personal records....but if only I had the motivation! Thank the starts for the Backspace key....

Current mood: drunk

Monday, May 30, 2011

11:44PM - Hot Summer Nights

These are the days I've been waiting for, wish they'd stick around forever. I love it when I can hang out in the woods for an entire weekend with friends, just us and nature, no worries.
Happy Memorial Day, remember all our heroes, of every kind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10:54PM - Marvel

In miracles, I believe. I only trust in what I can see, but Spring surrounds us with the most tangible evidence of our creator's work! The flowers, the scents, and all the life abound. Even the foul reek of flowering pear I hold dear.
Once more, it's been far too long since I've recorded anything on my online log, but the warm air and sunshine have finally lifted my weary spirits. I now have two ferrets, as of nearly a month ago! I adopted this one from a small private shelter in Ohio--and named her Stripe, after the suggestion of a dear friend. It's very fitting, her being a terrible biter, and by very far, the most vicious ferret I've ever handled. I bear the scars and a few fresh wounds to prove it, and I love her more and more with each splash of blood that smears her creamy coat. It's apparent why she was up for adoption, but the solution is clear: she needs love, and patience. Since her adoption on February 27th, she has progressed from completely timid to chasing me around the house wanting to play, though still with the occasional strong bite.
Spring also has me confident in another great year ahead, my final year to enjoy my 20's.
Winter shattered me, like it always does, but I stood up to it better than any year I can remember this time around; I'm getting stronger.
Winter also made me a terrible Minecraft addict, making everything from pixel art to castles, houses, roller coasters, to complicated booby traps. I even made some music. My little backyard and re-diving into writing will end that eventually, I'm sure--but only for awhile ;P

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10:00PM - End Twenty Ten

Unless I think about it deeply, I would come to the conclusion that nothing much changed for me during 2010. I'll remember a bunch of rather significant events soon after I conclude this year's last entry.cceu u ju89 ---------------------------------------8nnnnl r n8nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn t555552ggggggggggggggggggggggttttttt

I decided to leave that up after my new ferret kit climbed up on the keyboard. She typed that :) One of many fine Christmas gifts from my family, she is by far the best thing I ever received this year. After Tweak passed this Spring, it is good to have mustelid company after a Summer with a cage empty.
My spare time this Summer and Fall was spent writing and revising the first part of a series I've been working on since 2007. An adventure series with political, spiritual, and philosophical messages, as well as a dash of romance, it starts out in a mysterious, timeless land, in the depths of an ancient and bountiful forest. Furries would be happy to give this a read, the story being aimed and such an audience, but intended to be enjoyed by anyone with a brain, and a heart.
I'm never done editing and turning it over, never satisfied with my work, but I'd consider Part 1 complete. It will be my first piece of work to be made public if I have it published, and before that's to happen, it should get some final proofreading and editing. I gave copies to several close friends to read, so now I wait, and occupy my mind elsewhere for awhile--the novel being roughly 200 pages paperback. I hope for, as well as fear, some sincere opinions and constructive criticism, as they will either motivate me or discourage me from making final changes--as well as continuing work on Part 2.
As of a month ago, I'm now working as a pathology tech at the hospital, and it's been very educational so far. I've witnessed a full autopsy, as well as the preparation of virtually every body part of either gender. It doesn't bother me a bit, and I find what I learn to be intriguing. Despite my interest, I doubt that I will ever pursue a career in this field, but who knows.
Friday begins my monthly Friday party at my house, and maybe fortunately I'm expecting a rather large crowd? I am feeling doubts that my house will handle so much company, but it's too late to change location now, and perhaps next year I'll find a large place to borrowq545rr22222222222222222222222223 Damn ferret. Anyway, it'll be a blast, no doubt about it! I would write all night if I weren't battling an oncoming illness--I can feel it deep in my chest, in my joints, and in the heat coming off my forehead and neck. Oh, how I loathe this time of year. One day, I'd love to leave this place--but just for awhile--and go some place much warmer.

Monday, September 20, 2010

10:39PM - Updatage

Just to add onto my most recent posting: That manager is now suspended, for a similar incident in which my manager walked out on the job. This happened a few days prior to my incident. Also, another person quit soon after I did, and another friend has posted her notice. I was told all of this after dropping by for breakfast yesterday morning. I was happy, yet sad, to be missed by so many, but I'm moving on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

12:21AM - Two-day Weekends

After getting my new job at the medical center, I decided to keep a day at the restaurant, for a little extra money, and to enjoy my co-workers and all the regulars I loved to see.
Well, that ended last Sunday. The day started out per usual, the place was a complete circus
and I was getting people checked out as fast as I could. I had actually given my notice to my manager an hour earlier, when mister big shot general manager decided to waltz in. That man has been a pain in everyone's ass for years and years. Yeah, I was not happy to see him, never was, but I continued my work like normal. Then here comes a waitress, carrying a check and credit card for her customer who asked her to run it for her, since she could hardly walk.
I recognized the card before I even read it; a sweet lady named Betty. It must take her an entire minute to walk from the front door to her table 20 feet away but she does it, without so much as a cane. She's even friends with my Grandma. I took the card and sent the waitress away, saying I'd run the card as soon as the line died down. Then here comes Senor Assholio, who finds the card and asks what it's there for. Then he goes off, some crap about policy and liability, and I explained, in vain, that I know this lady and it's alright. He takes the card back to the lady and she gets up to get in line. I was furious! Then he comes back and brings me into his office, where he started to get all drill sergeant Hartman on me, at which point I remained calm and told him that this lady deserves every service we can and he won't let me finish and tells me to be quiet and listen to him yammer on about policies and how I should just shut up and obey. So I told him he was the one who needs to be quiet, because he interrupted me in the first place. He told me I was fired, at which point I smiled :)
Now, it was my turn to give him a nice earbashing. The pompous dick opened the office door and pointed me out, but I closed it and stood in front of it. I gave him a little piece of my mind then I calmly walked out with him steaming behind me and screaming for me to leave. I couldn't stop laughing inside, and as he followed me back out behind my counter, I turned and told him to just shut up for ONE second, for once! You arrogant jackass, just stand against the wall and let me clock out in peace. That afternoon I was a hero for a day, saying everything that everyone, both customer and employee, have wanted to say for years. It felt good to let it out. Even better to put a man in his place even if only for a minute. Plus, going home early is fucking priceless.

Anyway, children! I'm pleased to have both Saturdays and Sundays off, from this week forth. I'll probably use those days either sitting on my tail or making extra money, or who knows. I will be visiting my favorite neighborhood restaurant periodically, and keep in touch with my friends, and taunt my favorite ex-boss of course. Not like I'll be making faces or anything, but my mere presence is sure too annoy him to no end.

Last bit of news, there is someone I know, someone special to me, making plans to be my guest for awhile. I'm very much looking forward to it, and my spirits are soaring.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10:36PM - Summer's End, 2010

I regret that I have failed to maintain a regular journal for the year 2010, it's been an amazing Summer. I returned exactly 48 hours ago from Canada after enjoying Feral the 13th. It rained just about the entire time but it was the best one so far since I started going in 2008. Just 10 days prior to my trip I contracted a nasty strain of something and was afraid my trip would be ruined, but I got well a few days before I packed up to go. While I was sick I got a great deal on a beautiful new computer system which I'm currently enjoying. :P
I came home to find my room mate gone, and actually, I was glad. I'll miss the money, and the
company, but now I'll only be maid to myself and enjoy utmost privacy. The last 2 days after work
I've spent making my townhome shine, cleaning and bringing the whole place back to my standards.
He took his ferret, so now all I have his Fran to my company. I miss Tweak and Stitch, but one of these days, I'll go adopt a pair of lost little ones and make them a nice home.

More to come.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1:36AM - In Loving Memory

Just tonight, my sweet little white ferret Tweak passed on to the next realm. I give thanks to
her creator for years of play and companionship. She brought so much joy to me, and was a precious reminder that life is short. She had just gotten a new little playmate, who is now alone, but still has my room mate and myself so he'll be happy. I loved her like my own little child, and will never forget.

Tweak (2004-2010)

Current mood: melancholy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

12:29AM - Happy Earth Week

I like Earth Day almost as much as Christmas, or at least more than my own birthday. And This Earth Day was a great one! I got my letter of certification from the state SRNA registry, and applied for my first job later that day. Feeling very good about all of this, everything is going smoothly. Since I last updated with something about crappy newspaper articles, I randomly got THE perfect boyfriend out of the blue, then just like that, we were bickering like horny cats.
I also got another new room mate, after my previous one had to leave for personal reasons in his family. Things have changed, but mostly the same. I do indeed have a rather solid career path now and that's great. More updates to come.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12:43AM - Irresponsibility of the Press

I was reading through the editorials while on lunch break at work, and what do I see?
Yet again, the published insanity of another local loony, printed beneath my nose.
I'm going to go ahead and retype, word for every word, what this dumbfuck had to say
(pardon my language!)

Rock on, Bible says

Tip of my hat to the recent letter writer who used biblical verse to speak out against child abuse laws. The good book tells us time and again that God wants us to beat our children. In fact, the book of Levitacus explicitly tells us that children who curse their parents should be killed, along with gays, wizards, adulterers and anyone who takes astrology seriously, all by means of public stoning.
Personally, I am outraged at the socialist, Democrat-written laws that prevent me from dealing out biblical justice and blunt-force trauma to the wicked. To protect the sanctity of traditional marriage, I propose a ban on gay wizard marriages and public execution by stoning for anyone caught cheating on their vows. Surely my fellows in the traditional marriage camp will agree that adultery should be a capital felony. I say, pick up a rock and party like it's
1999 (B.C.)

Matthew Hill

There it is, more local idiocy. It set me off! Not so much towards the local yokels, but rather towards those who are in charge of what is printed, and what is not. I wrote in tonight with my own response, scolding the Lexington Herald Leader on their utter lack of prudence.
I've been published before, and if they printed in this moron's jibberish, they'd better damn well put in mine. Folks at work are waiting to read what I had to say. Here's what I wrote:

Stop Embarrassing Us!

In response to a small editorial that I read on
Tuesday, December 15th, some ramblings concerning
how he is irate with today's laws forbidding him from
beating his children and stoning people to death,
which our own newspaper published! I beg of the
editors of the Herald-Leader; please, please stop
reinforcing the negative stereotype of this region
by publishing the insane rhetoric of some deranged,
ignorant redneck. Do you people even read what you
publish in your paper? I'm quite sure that if someone
happened to write a few paragraphs explaining that
we should start burning minorities in concentration
camps, you would think it's only fair that you let them
be represented fairly just like every other lunatic
that writes in! Ban gay wizard marriage...party like it's
1999 B.C?! Are you serious? I didn't buy the paper on
the day I read this nonsense, it was given by a friend
because I had nothing else to read--and then I was
reminded why I canceled my subscription earlier this year.
That was after reading a blurb by some other bible nut
preaching about how he came to realize that trees don't
have souls. I called in and canceled that very day!
I'm not angry at those who write in, for they're
only misled human beings, perhaps not the brightest
but with good intentions I'm sure. However, I'm once
again disappointed in the "Herald Misleader"
Please stop embarrassing me, and every other central


The problem is, it's so ridiculous, it might be some dark satirical writer,
mocking a previous article. With what I've read in the past, it's hard to tell.
Either way, it's still inappropriate for the opinions page and I'm glad that I responded.

Monday, December 14, 2009

11:31PM - Just Friends

I'm not sure where to draw the line between being boyfriends, and just being good friends.
At some point Ryan and I crossed that line back into the friendship zone. I'm just happy to still hang out with him, but since Summer it seems like we were less and less affectionate towards each other. Starting to realize this, I became more and more irritable, and sometimes I was downright mean to him. The last couple of days I have begun to get over the changes between us after talking it out with him. I'm fine through the day, but at night I feel blue and it just sucks. I've begun writing again, working slowly on my story, and also started adding to my FA page for the first time since a year ago, I suppose.


And there it is, for all those who have some extra free time and the desire. I hope it's up for years to come.

I got an A in psychology class! I'm feeling good about that. It's my first A in a college course and I'm working to make it the first of an entire series.
Also, a one time only posting of a sample of my work is posted on my FA page. I might take it down after a few days, but it's there for those avid readers out there.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

12:39AM - Fantastic Me!

Yeah, I saw the movie...best movie of the year! I thought about seeing Boondock Saints II tonight but time went late hanging out with Ryan at my place, and it's frigid outside.
Cussing cold outside, don't feel like freezing my cussing cuss off out in that mothercusser.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10:45PM - Down with the Sickness

It hit me in the middle of work (which by the way I'm either quitting or severely reducing my hours!) first a headache, chills, and fatigue. My mother came in to return my car keys after picking my car up from the shop (new brakes and tires yay!), and soon after she left I was in miseryville. As if my work weren't in itself a pain in the tail. I mean, it's simple, it's full of friendly folks, but standing all day 40 hours a week and working with older folks who can't tell a credit card machine from a telephone can get rather exhausting. Yes, last week, one old man I turned my back on was trying to run his credit card through the telephone, while 'dialing' his pin number in.
So I managed to tough it out until the end of the shift, went home, immediately got in bed and passed out. Woke up in a cold sweat and spinny head. I called in sick for tomorrow immediately,
whether I feel better or not by morning, I'm contagious and I'll be damned if I'm to blame for someone's grandma kicking the bucket because I was so eager to return to my lousy job.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12:34AM - Human Experience

Since returning from Feral, my work at the restaurant went from part-time to overtime, and I'm there at least 5 days a week. Recently I met a lady there who needs assistance with upkeep of her apartment buildings, which I've been oddjobbing on in my spare time. I hardly have a spare minute between all of my tasks, but I'm still making time for class/homework. Psychology is my sole lesson this semester, and I'm doing alright, scoring an 86% on the test. I find that work is the only time I get contact with anyone else. That, and class of course. It's kind of depressing, but I still visit briefly with Ryan now and then.
Tonight class went well, and I'm ahead of the lesson, on top of the material. On the way home, just pulling out of the parking lot, I encountered traffic backing up at a 4-way stop. Holding back urges to honk and yell at people, while some cars proceeded to maneuver their way out and turn around, I waited, slowly pushing forward. A few car lengths further, I saw a car pulled halfway off the street. As I slowly idled past, I saw a few people standing around something. It was a person, laying motionless on the side of the road, and blood on the street. I didn't really think, I just turned and pulled over at the four-way. As I approached, I could see the victim moving a little.
"Thank God, she's not dead." was all I could think. The sun had just gone down but it had already gotten very chilly. She was moaning in pain, and trying to get up, so I was further relieved. She had some nasty injuries I won't describe, but nothing life-threatening I could see.
Her leg was very broken, and her hands and face were soaked in blood. Feeling saintly and selfish all at the same time, the first thing I did was take off my jacket and cover her bare feet and legs (her sandals were still int he street). She was already in shock and very delirious, and the first thought in my mind was "Shit, why did I have to wear my beautiful leather jacket tonight?" I pushed that awful thought aside, "I can clean it, asshole."
My thoughts returned to the poor girl, who reached up to me as I knelt. I took her hands, coaxed her to lay still, and did my best to keep her covered and warm. I nearly cried. Her hands were so cold, and all she could say was "What's going on?" Police came first, and secured the area. A few minutes later, paramedics were on the scene, and I finally let go of her and stepped back so they could do their job. They took my jacket off of her, and I tried to get it but she rolled over on top of it. They checked out her signs and broken leg, then eased her onto a board. Then one of the guys knelt on the jacket as he worked, while I grimaced for both the girl and my precious leather. She was in the hands of professionals now, and I finally got my jacket back and went back to my car. My heart ached for that girl as I left the scene. She was obviously a foreign student, probably very far from her family--those whom she needed most at such a time. I hope upon hope that she has somebody to comfort her tonight. My hands were red with blood when I got home, but my jacket wasn't too bad, and I cleaned it in about 10 minutes, feeling like an ass for worrying so much about it. I'm glad I at least stopped, I did what I could.
I just now finished a homework assignment due in two weeks, so I'm feeling good about that.
A dramatic evening I've had, but I'm alright, and very tired.

Current mood: exhausted

Thursday, September 3, 2009

11:04PM - Walk on the Wild Side

I just returned from my second voyage to camp Feral! It started out miserable, rainy and cold...Ryan got sick. Long story short, I had a good time, took care of Ryan, got us home, and made some friends. Thankfully I'm not even half as sore this time as I was last year.
I'm exhausted as I can be, though, so I'm going to bed before midnight it looks like.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

12:50AM - All For the Best

Yes, it worked out for the best. I was unable to find any openings for classes this semester, but managed to squeek into a psychology course. So, only 1 class but I'm in! Got my textbook and everything. I'm too busy with work and personal life to want to juggle classes on top of it all, so this is perfect. I'll pursue an ace in this class, and go from there.
Avoiding campus and downtown this weekend! UK's move-in weekend combined with a fecking Jonas Brothers concert, not to mention a major thoroughfare being completely closed equals
chaos and road rage. Helped Ryan and his roomy move in, saw District 9 tonight (GREAT MOVIE!)
definitely see it. Great viewing for those interested in human psychology too, because it could all very well come true if the scenario actually happened.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

12:10AM - My Resignation

I decided against college for this Fall. I simply broke down and gave up. Don't really see a point. I pay my bills, I have lots of fun, I live really well, why bother? Got the world at my feet, let some other egghead do all the hard work. I've got til Friday to sign up for classes, but screw it. Tonight I'm cranky and hateful, perhaps stay up all night. Work at 7, maybe I'll go. Hey at least I'm being more regular about my LJ posts!
Looking forward to Feral! Only two weeks away, I can hardly wait. Last year it ended up being the highlight of my Summer. I've been to Anthrocon, to Florida twice this year, but this beats all the trips I'll make this year.

Current mood: drunk

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4:17PM - For Stitch

I'm writing this in memory and honor of my little white ferret named Stitch. She brought me, friends and family a lot of fun and happiness. On the worst of days this little 1 pound fuzzball, along with her sister, never failed to cheer me up. I'm going to miss her like crazy.
She died curled up next to me on my bed early this morning, with her eyes closed, so it wasn't anything overly tragic. She had been slowly declining over the last week, since the day I went to Florida exactly one week ago. I'm only glad that she stayed alive long enough for me to come home and spend one last moment with her, give her one last bath and make her as comfortable as I possibly could. I carried her around the yard and the park in the warm sun, after being caged up for 6 days. She stumbled around the living room trying to play, but was so weak and clumsy. Stitch was a great pet and family member to the end.
Tonight I'm driving out to a quiet part of our property to properly bury her and plant a tree on the spot, never to be forgotten.

Current mood: sad

Sunday, June 21, 2009

10:57PM - Solstice

My life tends to build towards this time of year, and every solstice I celebrate, usually by myself, and appreciate the warmth of the sun and all it gives. Tonight I watched the longest sunset of the year and relished in it after a pleasant swim. I only wish the Summer lasted longer.
Today was supposed to be an entire day off, but I was asked to work the cash register at Frisch's to replace someone who went on vacation, but the day was still very fine. I'm down to three days a week at that place and I couldn't be happier. I've applied at the nearby technical college, ready to pursue a nursing career, and my oddjobs and odd sales have been up lately so all's well. Furthermore, I have a good room mate, and new friend, to share this place of mine
and we couldn't get along better.
I'll be leaving for Anthrocon in a week and two days, can't let myself forget. I'm going earlier than I ever have before, to ride with a friend and volunteer to help out with things
once there. I still deeply regret my decision to go to Anthrocon instead of seeing a very good friend, but I can do that soon after. I had a feeling I would be sorry skipping out on the one opportunity this year to see many good people I've not seen in awhile.
Content but tired tonight, just going to waste a little time and relax, ahhh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

11:56PM - Summer Night

I'm still alive, doing well, about to rest up for another day's work tomorrow. I spent yesterday and the night before in total solitude at my family's place in the country. I went to enjoy myself and escape, and found myself lonely as Hell, but I rested well, and woke up feeling pretty good. I caught fish and gathered tubers for lunch, getting back in touch with my feral side. Later I caught a decent snapping turtle and prepared the meat on ice to cook at home with later.
I have a lot to say, but I'll procrastinate and say it later, I'm tired. I miss my friends and I need someone to share this wonderful weather with, these are the days I live for.

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